Book Shout Out

Thomas Hudgins, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Capital Seminary and Graduate School, recently mentioned my book on his website. Like me, Thomas graduated with his Ed.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Also like me, his dissertation addressed NT teaching on discipleship/Christian education, which he identifies as “likeness education.” When it came time to publish our dissertations, we ended up going with the same publisher (Hudgins, Luke 6:40 and the Theme of Likeness Education in the New Testament; Marriner, Following the Lamb: The Theme of Discipleship in the Book of Revelation). I actually borrowed my research method from Thomas (content analysis). When I was struggling to find a topic to research the Lord used him to help me hone in on my dissertation topic. He’s been a huge blessing to me personally and from a scholarship standpoint.

In addition to his own website, Thomas contributes regularly to Across the Atlantic, which he writes with Spanish NT scholar Antonio Piñero, who also is serving as Thomas’ Ph.D. advisor. (You heard me right. If all goes well, he will have two doctoral degrees.) If you’re interested in things pertaining to the study of the NT, discipleship, and pedagogy, then check out Thomas’ site and Across the Atlantic.


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