Sunday School and Christian Discipleship

Dr. Russell Moore has a thoughtful post entitled “The Cosmic Importance of Sunday School.” I encourage you to check it out. While there is certainly more to be said about the role of parents in discipling their own children, it is also true that the church has been called alongside parents, not only to equip them for this task, but also to be about the vital work of shaping children into the image of Christ as well. One of the “forgotten” means of discipling children is through traditional Sunday School church programs. Dr. Moore recognizes that even when Sunday School is done poorly by those who are, perhaps, ill prepared for the task, through maybe no fault of their own, may still yield lasting fruit in the lives of the students. Just think about what effect biblical instruction done by trained teachers over the life of a student year in and year out, Sunday after Sunday (or whatever day you choose) could mean, not only for the individual receiving instruction, but for the health of the church, and the good of one’s neighbor. The task of training and preparing teachers to effectively reach their students with the truths of God’s Word is eternally important, and should be a priority in every local church, whether it is done on a Sunday morning or Tuesday night Bible study.


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